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[NA][PvE] Crimson Phobia [PHO] is a SEA-based newbie friendly guild looking for members to do all types of shenanigans with around Tyria!


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Are you tired of running around without an idea or a goal? Want to get into raids/strikes/fractals but unable to learn it alone? Emboldened still sucks with pugging as a newbie/returnee? Or are you just from SEA but can't find a guild that plays in your timezone? If you said yes to any, or even none at all, Come join Crimson Phobia!

Crimson Phobia [PHO] was established in 2020 as a guild of friends, looking for like-minded individuals to journey and explore the world of Tyria! After having explored lots of instanced and open world content together, the guild took a break last year due to the return of life pre-Covid (ish). But now, we're back and looking for players to join our lovely community (but not that many, we're not aiming to be a big guild of strangers)! Disclaimer: Please be 18+ when joining the guild, chat gets spicy. LGBT friendly and a safe space to be you. No kink shaming in this guild.

  • The kind of atmosphere the guild fosters is very relaxed. Sweating a bit is fine when necessary, but never to a point of killing the fun and causing conflict among people. Games are meant to be fun! There are other guilds who cater for sweaty raids/content, but not this guild!
  • If you're new to the game, if you don't play the game everyday like a goblin, or if you do play the game everyday like a goblin, there's a place for you in the guild. Learn from people or share what you know! No question is too stupid!
  • We're particularly interested in players from SEA/OCX. Yes, you! We want you!
  • Events normally start at 8:00PM~9:00PM GMT+8! This is because most members work during the day and play at night.

If you're interested to join us or just hang out on our discord and join some events sometimes (except guild-only events) until you're ready to be part of the guild, feel free to join our discord! discord.gg/AQAnnVw

See you there!

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