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rifle completely unplayable


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against melee opponent

everybody will just jump on your face instantly with the current mobility level

while rifle's back roll takes 10 years to execute and enemy already take 50% of your HP away before the evade frame starts kicking in.


against range opponent

you simply die by trading range skill, rifle literally has 0 stuff that makes you sustain.

you build for sustain you do no damage, you get out traded, you die

you build for damage, you can simply not live, you die.


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Yes, Warrior ranged options are not great. That’s part of why people really wanted MH pistol for bladesworn, since Warrior has no mid range weapons, and no good ranged weapons in general, plus warrior OH’s are all pretty decent, so OH pistol is in an uphill battle. 

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rifle's design is actually ok, it just needs higher coefficients to become viable.


ive read many times before how as long as a mechanic is designed well, it will only take simple number tweaks to bring it up to speed.


this is actually a great example in practice of if they actually do it.


we're really suffering from this damage drought, feb 2020 is still in full effect and the supposed damage coefficient buffs we should be getting are apparently bugged.


some major problems are:

- power warrior is still very susceptible to just beign blown up outright from range. they see us coming,


- it takes almost everything out of us just to close the gap and stick.


- building 3 bars of adrenaline is still a pain, and we can't really afford to slot adrenaline generation because those skills are mostly terrible and we need all our utility just to survive and close the gap.


- and our damage is not competitive at all compared to other classes.


oct 4 changes helped alot and gave us something to work with, but we seriously need some looking at, specially in class comparison.

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