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FliCkERinG on Jade Tech Skiff skin

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Side A

Side B


Just for comparison I include both sides. This issue persists across 3 different PCs with different HW, regardless of graphics settings. It seems to become more or less apparent depending on zoom and camera angle.


Considering this is a paid skin, and that I've reported it in game at least twice now, please fix your cosmetics ANet, thank you in advance! ❤️

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I have experienced this issue in other places. Usually, in surfaces that receved a direct light source. For example, in Kaineng Docks when it is daytime, but not when it is nighttime. In daytime, you can see flickering the boxes, stairs, columns that are oriented to the west. This issue is more severe when Shandows are put in Ultra.

Here is a video showing that issue:


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