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I Think That I Did Not Recieve World VS Warclaw Achievement Path

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I invested a point into WvW Warclaw.

I selected the warclaw reward path (have not progressed much yet)

I still don't have the achievement path for World VS Warclaw to begin unlocking the wondrous Warclaw. 

So am I missing something or is something possibly bugged? Feel free to tell me if I did something wrong. 

I did go ahead and submit a couple bug reports in-game last night. Was kind of tricky to tell which catagory was best for issues w/ achievements. 

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8 hours ago, Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

Did you go to Hero - Achievements - Competitive - World vs World Warclaw?

It's not under World vs World; it has its own category (right under Edge of the Mists and right before Sanctum Sprint).

Thank you so much,

Your response helped me realize I had a filter applied from working on different achievements. 

I honestly just started paying attention to achievements here recently so I didn't even realize I was missing entire catagories. 

Thank you again. 

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