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Harbinger Muting Incoming Sounds


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Not sure if this was intended or not. When entering shroud, the sound changes and you can't hear mechanics happening inside things like raids and strikes. It's okay in open world for immersion, but people who get timed bomb in sabetha and kill the group, I think I would consider that a problem. But, if this isn't a bug and was intended, perhaps it was an overlooked thing? Not sure whether I should report is as a bug or not.

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2 minutes ago, Mariyuuna.6508 said:

This happens on every Necro subclass except Scourge, who doesn't have a true shroud.

i know it happens on all but it feels worse on harbinger. maybe it's the pistol sound or the skills used in combination... i'm not too sure. but personally it feels worse. like i know for a fact there are plenty mechanics i don't hear in harb but off the top of my head i don't remember it being a problem with core necro/reaper but i also don't think i've used them any time recently in raids so i could very well be out of date with the sound issue. kinda wish there was an easier way to test this rather than entering an instance and going xD

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