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PBM rifle holo


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Anyone saw a benchmark video or any log for it lately (post 23rd August or post 28th June even]? Cant find anything. Since ESCU sword is something between 35-36 (thanks to some buffs), it probably is around 34k (I tested it and got around 32,5 but I am not really a grindy benchmark person so it should be a bit higher). That would mean it barely performs better than mech (if at all).

Any info?

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22 minutes ago, Wolfb.7025 said:

I benched it and only got 33k without pushing rng and with an archaic rotation, can be pushed further but I really doubt it can go past 34k.

Yeah I figured as much. Thanks for confirming.

I wish they could  give PBM a laser edge effect that stays at full value after overheating until you cooled down. Like it used to be no? That way it wont buff also ESCU sword (which could need a bit more too I guess).

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Should buff the Holo Traitline instead of core traits and making core engi unironically stronger than any of its eliite specs.


Laser's Edge at full value during overheat sounds good, they could also completely remove the cooldown penalty on overheat with PBM, and increase both burning stacks and damage of Solar Focusing Lens so you can capitalize on your burst after overheating.

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I am all up for some SFL adjustments, too.

The main issue I got with it, is that you cant really control it. Like when you overheat, you use laser disk and your prime beam which both do pulsing damage, so you cant profit that well from it with your rifle skills, which are 4 hits. At best you get rifle 2 and 4 with extra 10% before the pulsing damage removes the other stacks.

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7 hours ago, shion.2084 said:

In PvP, my observation is thatt the Holo's can do more damage in a spike... but are squishier than scrappers.

This is mostly about PvE though.

On 10/13/2022 at 6:25 AM, lorddarkflare.9186 said:


Wait, doesn't Power Scrapper currently out-damage all the specs?

Core does, which is kind of silly.

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