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Suggestion: Color coded UI party/squad character icon outlines


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Like we all know there is allot of ways to play the game, but over time Leading a group has become more annoying to say. It would be nice to be able to see what each person is what in some way instead of traying to fight the chat and the squad UI. I get that the UI bits are minimal and fancy and stuff but it gives zero information on what is what these days.

One way is to Balance the game in such way that specializations do one thing and you can just look at the Icon, but that cuts up some creativity from the game.

Another is to let people Color their party icon/bar or the outline of the icon with some color to say if they are healer, alacrity, quickness, dps or whatever. The color should be something like the Commander tag colors, people should be able to pick what is what. 
For example if you are quickness dps you will pick Yellow but if you are Quickness Healer you will pick Orange outline and stuff like that.

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When squads was implemented and all of us in the WvW forum said hey that blue color for partymates is practically identical to the blue color for all the other squadmates, anets response was basicly just "yes but we can see the difference" and that ended the discussion.

Funny story that.

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