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[Suggestion] remove the animal abuse from the quest Elixir Recipe (Living World Season 3)

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On another note, I do find it funny that OP's username is Uncrushable Pigeon.

Pretty sure that's a reference to Dragon Age: Origins. One of the NPC companions is Shale, a sentient stone golem who has an undying hatred of birds (long story short, the golem was immobilized in a village square for decades...birds loved to sit on it. And, uh, use it as a toilet. Because they're birds). Shale will, when freed, madly stomp on any birds it comes across in revenge. One of the "gifts" you can give to it is the Uncrushable Pigeon - a hardened clay pigeon that sits on Shale's shoulder. Forever. It's funny, but it's also basically a form of torture for Shale.

Unsurprisingly, it makes Shale hate you. And even more driven in its quest to eradicate all bird-kind. (One of the tavern rumors in the next game is a baffled report that pigeon populations have dropped drastically along the coast areas.)


So, new suggestion: add an item in-game that is the Unkickable Chicken. Use it, and your character tries to kick the stone chicken, only to miss and fall flat on their back. When they get up, they are so angry that any and all chickens in the nearby area instantly die of fright. 😇 That way they get a boatload of feathers and they don't even have to boot a single hen!

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