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Condi Weaver - Why Scepter


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not sure how you came to that conclusion considering that swords condi output is actually relatively poor

as for the actual answer, perhaps having a auto that outputs the same amount of burning as sword 2 on every activation pays off? and then 2# and 3# putting out even more than that? not needing to dual earth and proccing burning rage more often while getting back to spamming basically sword 2s burning sooner?

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Basically, Phoenix and Dragon's tooth are straightforward spamable damage skill. Add the whole condi toolbox of weaver and you get yourself a decent dps build. Is it the best build ? Probably not, it is lacking utility and even if it didn't the "best build" is encounter driven anyway. But it certainly has good damage and the rotation can be simplified a lot if you are ok about losing 3-4k dps. Yeah... it is a good build, if you are interested try it out.

A quick note about the Renegade rune and burning food. Basically this set-up is optimized for scepter but fall short if you want to use other weapons. It works well because this build focus on burning a bit more than other weavers. The usual Elementalist rune and normal condi food is a small dps loss comparatively but if you have them lying around from a previous build don't throw them, they are still great!

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Sword has great utilities and some condi pressure with pyrovortex, lava skin, plus is still relavitely easier to handle, which is great for pvp, OW, or to learn mechanics, if you have trouble to target with scepter etc, but no really condi application.
You can just spam scepter fire skills 1-2-3 and do better condi dps than any sword skills rotations. If you want to use sword, look at grieving weaver may be.


It used to be better but they nerfed all burning application in february 2020 while buffing scepter some months after. And I don't remember why (may be cause of Xpack or  banners/spirits rework) but sword* weaver DPS kept flowing update after update since this day.

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