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Can someone please explain why blood magic is used on core necro and reaper?


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Metabattle still displays both core and reaper pvp builds using blood magic. Hardstuck displays core necro with blood magic. This is me speaking from a strictly solo Q perspective but I do not quite see much use from the blood magic tree these days. I guess allies not bleeding out when you are close is powerful but the rezzing potential that it gives may be negligible when in a lot of situations it is not advisable to go for a rez. The grandmaster traits are all meh. The builds tell you to go for unholy martyr but the nature of this trait in itself is random when you pull 5 conditions from allies each time you enter shroud. You might really get screwed sometimes if you pull some bad condies at you in a bad moment. Also this trait got nerfed from consuming 3 conditions to now consume only 2 when leaving shroud and also now gaining only 3% life force per consumed condition instead of the previous 7%. It got hit really hard and I am not entirely sure why. Instead of blood magic you could go spite and have spinal shivers with dread which can make a really nice life blast burst with that quickness when fearing as a core necro.


I also have a question regarding off hand dagger. I abandoned it for quite some time and was enjoying focus even on a terrormancer build. The huge chunk of life force from focus 4 is really nice compared to the almost non existent life force generation on scepter+dagger while spinal shivers can crit for 5+ k on targets with 3 boons. I have been using off hand dagger lately and can see it being good utility with the condi transfer/blind/weakness but I still think that it should not be mandatory like it seems to be.

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Blood Magic is more often dropped for Spite on Reaper, with Unholy Martyr being a shell of its former self and the Life Steal numbers being nerfed heavily. However thats not to say its not a bad line, especially on Core. Unholy Martyr creates a lose lose situation for condition specs. Do you waste your time applying your conditions onto shroud, just for them to leave shroud (taking 0 real damage) and cleanse them all? Because not only can you not just wait out the Shroud for obvious dying reasons, the Life Steal from Blood's traits will resustain them in Shroud creating a gameplay loop of Necro gets low, goes into Shroud, stays in Shroud til they resustain to full HP and full CDs, repeat. Now the numbers are currently (especially with EOD) too low for this to be the case, but its still a ton of sustain that you don't have access to without taking the line. 

(TLDR of ^): You just don't sustain enough without Blood.

Unholy Martyr also can take conditions from your allies, and as a Core Necro with tons of shroud and life force generation, thats the whole point. Taking those conditions in Shroud only matter if you end up dying as a result of that and that alone(not your bad positioning or decision making alongside it) or if you get so slowed down by taking immob or the like that you can't do what you want to do in Shroud when you need to have done it, both of which at a higher level *never* happen. So its just an insane amount of peels and cleanse for your team. As a high level player who has played the double Necro meta that we had before EoD came out, going into Shroud and taking peoples conditions was something you thought about extremely often.


As for Offhand Dagger, your offhand should swap depending on what is best for the game you're in. Currently all 3 have solid reasons to run them, Warhorn's extra Fear can help set up Fear chains; your number one way of killing and generating pressure, Focus brings Spinal; speaks for itself, and Dagger currently is the best into Tempest with its on demand #5 Corrupt, stopping Overloads far better than either other offhand which is very good value and even ends up getting you more kills than either other Offhand would into the aforementioned Tempests.

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4 hours ago, Iceflame.5024 said:

Thanks for your input. You make it sound like the leave shroud cleanse is a big deal when it is only cleansing 2 conditions now.

It definitely is a very good part of it. With the reduced duration on conditions since 2020, when you decide to drop out of shroud, you'll almost always cleanse those conditions you were aiming to cleanse, as the other trash conditions would have fallen off by then. The goal is to leave Shroud with as little damage still on you, and conditions still on you is a big part of that, and it still helps solve that.

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