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Made Me Smile, With Tears [Merged]


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It's been really heartening to see the reaction to today's news. Indigo, Nick, and I met April and her mom on a Zoom call a while back and got to know April. The in-game version reflects the real world April so well--she's an absolute sass monster in the best way: fearless, smart, and mischievous and I am really looking forward to all of you meeting her! 



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First of all I would like to compliment Arenanet with their partnership with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals for Extra Life and the extra special in game event they are implementing this year: https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/extra-life-2022-introducing-april/!


Two sentences (especially the first one) in the post caught my I eye: 'April was born and raised just outside of Divinity’s Reach, in the small village of Garenhoff. She’s an ambitious and adept mesmer—and a serial meddler.'


It might of course be coincidence, but it's never a bad time to get your hopes up I guess... so, does this mean that during the Extra Life Event 2022 something might be about with that Wizard's Tower that has been ominously hovering above Garenhoff all these years? It was mentionend (way back) that several teams were looking into doing 'something' with the Tower, yet it hadn't been decided what would be the best approach (for example: open world / world even, special dungeon, raid, strike...).

Could November 2022 finally be the time we get a closer look at the Wizard's Tower? Or is it just me getting an overdose of hopium? Any thoughts?

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It would be cool if they did finally do something with the Wizard's Tower.

But the article says she was first taken to a local hospital, then had to be moved to one in Orange County, which is on the California coast I think it's likely she's from a small town by the sea and they picked Garrenhoff as the best Tyrian  equivalent.

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