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Not assigned to a team (and guild not assigned to a team)

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I was not assigned to a team with my selected guild, and my selected guild was not assigned to a team.  I made sure a couple days ago to select my guild. 

So far out of the 5 there have been, I think I have only been correctly assigned once. There has not been a lot of information on what to expect when this is working or how to fix it when it is not.

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1 hour ago, Vidit.7108 said:

I don't play regularly but it would have been in September I think, I don't know how to check the exact date. I know that I haven't played WvW this month for sure.

Ah, that's probably the reason then.

If you haven't played in awhile, the system won't assign you to any team.  If it didn't assign a team to your guild either, that's because no one that selected that guild for WvW could be assigned to a team.  Your beta tab should show a selection of teams you can pick manually to join before you can enter WvW right now.  (I have an alt account with the same exact thing: pick a team manually, guild not assigned.)

The technical answer is that only players who have participated in WvW within roughly a month (exact time is unknown) can be placed on a team because the system needs to know how many hours you normally play WvW.  If it worked for you in the past, that would be because the system had playhour data for your account.

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