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WvW Beta - Same guild selected but completely landed somewhere else

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Hello everyone, I had actually selected my guild for the WvW Beta at the team "Reaper Corridor". Unfortunately, I am not there now but in the team Dawn of the Phoenix. All my friends are on Reaper Corridor. I find it not purposeful to make an improvement to the WvW system, but then it seems to separate me from all my friends.

If you then open a ticket about this at GW2 support you only get the answer that they can not help here. But I don't need any other help - I just want to play WvW together with my friends!

I can not understand why a restructuring is made in which you can consciously make a choice that you can continue to play with your friends and in the end you are completely separated from them.

From my point of view, this beta is again totally for the ...

Is there anyone else like me?


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