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Simple, Strong & Easy PvP builds for theif


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I see a lot of people around here always complaining about thief damage, and saying how it's weaker than other classes and all that. And most of it is true, in PvP at least, with theif being always balanced to be slightly weaker and deal less damage than other classes because of the core mobility it has access to. However while that is generally true, there are some combinations of weapons and traits that make thief a damaging powerhouse and give you all the excitement the class promises, instead of just running around the map 24/7 on decap duty.


First build http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PawAQhjlFw2YhMRmJWOPavSA-zZAPkGFCFsCKZCYrBA
Second build : http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PawAUprlZwcYhMR2IO6LftSA-z5IeGFsCKZKYiBA (elite can be changed)



I just wanted to share here 2 builds that I found to perform much better than everything I tried before. And believe me, I tried A LOT, even sword. 

I also tried the popular D/P build before, but I found having to time steal perfectly, always be in melee behind the target, always having to 2v1, always move around the map and find the perfect target follow & focus in teamfights to be too tiring and a high risk playstyle with low reward. The builds I'm showing here are SIMPLE in the sense that they focus more on just pure damage and killing your enemies as quickly as possible, or at least applying a lot of pressure in the process, rather than trying to daze & interrupt your enemy, use your dodges & stealth very wisely or, using general theif trickery and rotate fast to outplay your opponent. 


The first one is a modified deadeye build, where you abuse Hidden killer with silent scope & cloak and dagger, as well as intelligence sigils to run Valkyrie Amulet, getting all the power & ferocity of a berserker amulet, but with 9k extra health and 100% crit chance. Since rifle deadeye does most of it's damage with initiative skills, and you run out of initiative before you run out of ways to stealth, you trade basically nothing for stable crits and unexpected tankiness. As such, your mark-> stealth attack->2->2-> shadow meld -> stealth attack ->2->2 combo on rifle will ALWAYS deal 21k dmg to a heavy armor class with no extra toughness or damage mitigation, and more to those under.
I swap to this build whenever I load in a match eager to try something new, but I see Soulbeast, Mechanist, or Reaper in the other team. Among this build's strengths are allowing you to farm every mechanist and reaper on cooldown, lets you easily kill about 75% of soulbeast players, and even duel and win any over daredevils that you might attract the attention of. It's so much better than the classic trickery marauder deadeye, the bonus damage gives you just that little bit of health that enemies usually get away with, and 9k health together with Cover of Shaodw go a long way to making sure you don't die to chip damage, in CC, or when you're out of initiative in a bad spot. Besides, there's something so satisfying about being able to tank & kill a autoattacking mechanist, or take a knockback+quickfire to the face and still get the ranger after.

The second one is nothing revolutionary, but I believe that so many theif players get so used to playing the role of an assassin and tunnel vision on a single target that they never even try to play such a build.

It's a teamfight dps build, that offers high aoe and single target dmg, both in a radius and in a long line, as well as incredible cleave and very high mobility. The build is also 95% ranged (thanks impairing daggers tracking), so you can use your daredevil mobility to quickly get to a vantage point and start spamming aoe nukes. It can very quickly snowball a teamfight out of control with a single down, offers dodges & stealth to lose agro in a pinch, as well as great sustain if you can hit people (compounded by the fact that enemies will be constantly under heavy pressure and too busy to even try to focus down a daredevil out of all things). It achieves that by spamming shortbow 1 and 2. Shortbow 2 can deal up to 7 k dmg at 900 range on every skill use if you land it right, as well as collateral damage and the ability to shot it over cover in some places. On top of that, shortbow stealth attack has an immobile, so you can even make sure your 2 skill lands if you absolutely have to hit someone fast and your weapon swap is on cooldown. The auto attack is also quite strong with this build, especially against rangers with pets or mechanists. Pistols are for higher single target damage, but can also be used to cleave because of the pierce.

These builds are both countered by aoe projectile destruction, however the only thing in meta atm that does that is tempest, and not even all of them run focus, so just watch out for that and It will be fine.

Hope that at least someone tries these builds and finds success with them as I did.
Feel free to post your favourite off-meta theif builds in this thread !

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