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Replicating Sage amulet in PvE WvW equipment?


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I tried the Sage amulet in PvP in a condi druid build and it worked so well for me that I fell in love with this stat combination.

Id like to have it in PvE for soloing, or WvW as a roamer.

I've made a mix of marshall, carrion, harrier and shaman to obtain a very accurate result to reach the same amulet stats.


The thing is, I don`t know if sage is better than celestial or not.


With sage I have way more power and 400-500 more raw condi.

With cele I got more healing, more expertise but the condi damage is way lower. Also the precision from cele is useless for shortbow and torch.

I don't know which is better for wvw roaming dueling and doing living story chapters.


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Cele is way better due to higher stat efficiency.
Let's break it up assuming that your mix has exactly the Sage stats:
-More Healing and Vitality, but also Toughness which adds a lot of effective HP vs power damage.
-Less Condition Damage by about ~370, but Expertise alone adds ~40% condi duration which makes up for it.
-Less Power by ~370, but now here is the thing. Precision is actually adding quite a bit of damage to your weapons, especially with ~600 Ferocity you also get.
-Lastly you gain Concentration which makes your boon uptime way higher, giving you A LOT of stats.
All of that not even including traits like Taste for Danger and Sharpened Edges that use stats for bonus scaling.

Some ppl might disagree, but Cele gear is really broken for new players in WvW and as for PvE it's not too far behind the "meta".

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