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{NA&PVX} [TM] In The Mists, is looking for players that want to build up and guild and experience the game how they want.

Masta Mist.9324

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      In The Mists is a fun and relaxed guild that has been around for 8 years. We lost most of our players years ago just before HoT. The guild has never progressed in obtaining, or upgrading a guild hall when HoT came out or PoF, but now we have one, and is currently level 8 with a few players. We plan to play all content that is available for PvE, PvP, and WvW with the new restructuring. I hope that the experienced old or new to the game would love to join [TM], and experience the fun that I get from this game. We are going to be running Tier 1-4 fractals, and other world events to help players returning or fresh to the game to have a chance at getting items, materials, and ascended armor/weapons to do end game content, and to learn how builds professions and other items can enhance their gameplay. Also since I'm a returning player as well including a few others in the game we are also learning raids and new events that you might just wanna do as well. Also In The Mists members like to play WvW, but currently most of us are on Crystal Desert (US - Server). We Roam and  run pug groups of zergs with  somewhat good success. Truly as a guild we want players to play the content that they most enjoy but appreciate  the player's that would love to join on guild missions, and learn or help other players learn fractals and later when we get more and experienced players Raids. Everyone wants end game content like legendary gear or titles or whatever else you believe to be end game for gw2 we want to be there with you growing and learning, and meeting our goals. Please Join In The Mists. you can Contact Masta Mist.9324 which is me, or Nigel.5671 which is the Co-lead in the guild. hope to see you soon out there in the mists!!! :^) JOIN US

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