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Dye Backpacks / Gliders


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I have the Skeletal Wings Glider and Backpack. I can color the glider what ever color i want with 2 color map options but not on the back pack. making it so i have to try to match the colors of the back pack so that the the glider does not look off. There are some other gliders and backpacks that do this too. please can the backpacks have the option to be colored just like the gliders? Its already there with some sets of gear. and for the backpacks that are not dye able there is no way of knowing the exact colors used to match the colors making it a guessing game at least for the Skeletal Wings as they don't match.

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The Devs have already stated that they won't be going back and changing the dyeing options of previous backpacks. "While we cannot add dye channels to existing backpieces, keep an eye out for dyeable backpacks of different styles in the future!https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/wrap-yourself-in-an-emblazoned-cape/

You can use the Wiki to find out if a backpack you are interested in has dyeing capabilities before acquisition.

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