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WVW is unredeamable thanks to all who made this possible.


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The amount of players cheating using 3rd party cheat programs is off the charts, the amount of players using glitches in game to bypass keep and tower walls is off the charts, the portal hacking is off the charts, the balance of numbers for servers and ques is so screwed up I go from 38 to 0 in seconds or 5 and stay stuck  for an hour.


Thanks to all those who cheat by using reduced ability timers allowing yourselves to spam CC indefinately,  superspeed hack, radar hack. especially the necromancers who have no wurm pet up and just port on top of inner FK walls from the bottom to to very top of the wall 7x in a row with 15 players chasing them.


The cheating doesn't stop, it will never stop. The GW2 brand is tainted and ruined and we know who we have to thank for that.


Last time I waste a second in RL for this crapfest.



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