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PvP current situation (nothing new) - Some suggestions (again nothing new) - and byebye


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Dear Anet and dear pvp comunity.

I'm a dedicated pvp player who rarely play other game modes, and this is the

reason I've prefered GW2 over many other mmos.


I think that the game mechanics in this game are the best currently on market,

and i enjoy a lot his pvp system even if it's maybe too much meta driven...but that's ok

if you just like to play ranked and you aren't interested in competitive tournament, like I'm.


Unfortunately the pvp situation, despite the awesome game you did create, is horrible for everyone

and more for those like me who only have 30 mins or so to play and not even every day, due to irl duties.


This comes from some reasons who have been already discussed plenty of times, but i like to repeat it:

1. People being AFK fro the entire match, or most part of it.

2. Extreme toxicity and verbal abuse from unfair players (usually the same who are AFK and WHILE they are AFK).


Those 2 elements do exist in every game of course, but in GW2 they are pumped up by the fact that in ranked pvp

it exists only 1 game mode (apart from occasional deatmatch seasons). And please I'm not talking about GvG

which is a different game mode.


While other mmos have many kind of pvp game modes like 15v15 or so, Conquest is a 5v5 very tactical

domination where your fun totally rely and depends from the skill and the presence of your team, so


1. If you only have 1 person AFK you are bound to defeat.

2. If you only have 1 person AFK for the first 30 second of the game you are pretty much bound to defeat.

3. If you have a bad team comp due to matchmaking doing his best with a very small pvp comunity, you are bound to defeat.

4. if the OTHER TEAM has 1 person AFK or a bad comp, you will win 500-50, with no match and no fun at all.


AND in all those situations you are condamned to read extreme toxicity in team/map chat who totally destroy your gaming/fun experience.


As i said before, anytime i log in it is just for 30 min or 1 hour, and in such small time i can queue up for about 2 to 5 pvp games

depending how fast they are.

Statistically 3 or 4 of those 5 games belongs to one of the 4 categories above.


When i log off, after this hour i conquered from my work/family/business i feel even more stressed and tired than

before log in. And i don't think this should be the goal of any game or entertainment business...


I'm now considering going back to WoW, which i think is a game fairly worse than your just because



But there is something i don't undestand, and that i genuinelly want to ask you ANET...

Ranked PvP is one of the most profitable gold making activity in this game, which brings

people to make a lot of gold (hopefully not botting but playing) and raising your gem store's prices

which is your main business.


Have you ever asked yourself the questions:

Why the pvp comunity is getting smaller and smaller?

Is it so hard to create real solution to AFKing in matches (like auto disconnect)

It is so hard to prevent people from being toxic, not banning them but just providing them SOMETHING FUN TO DO in order that they will not spend their own time in team/map chat?

It is so hard to create a bunch of other pvp ranked modes with more player and less single player skill driven?


I'm just asking you those question because i really hate to leave this game, it is a game I LOVE.

But I MUST log in to WoW to have a decent gaming experience...just because I have enough duties, problems

and toxitity irl...and like me many other pvp players. 


Well GG ANET i just realized you are the first AFK in your competitive game mode wich is the world of business and entertainment.

Farewell and good luck.


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This gets talked about a lot and we’re getting tired of the endless rehashing… but one thing I’ll agree with is that arenanet isn’t doing enough to deter unsportsmanlike trash talk.

Sometimes “trash talk” can be fine, it can even be fun and add a little spice.

Crying like a pathetic man child because you didn’t win your video game ain’t it. It’s just embarrassing. And there should be zero tolerance for it.

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2 minutes ago, ProverbsofHell.2307 said:

This gets talked about a lot and we’re getting tired of the endless rehashing… but one thing I’ll agree with is that arenanet isn’t doing enough to deter unsportsmanlike trash talk.

Sorry for tiring you up, but

1. I wanted to say why I'm leaving the game and not going away without a word.

2. If you agree that anes isn't doing enough, then it's better to talk about that more and more even if it's tiring. ,-)

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7 hours ago, VyPR.3412 said:

No, they don't. They already have your money and don't have a sub model. The quicker you quit playing the better their profit margin.


Of course you are not an entrepreneur.

Actually their profit from selling the game is not what keeps their business running, the gem store is.


So the more people they have online playing their game, the more gems they will sell.

Moreover, the more people are playing their game, promoting it with friends and relatives and keeping it alive...the more new customers they will get on their gem store.


Losing customers is never a good thing.

Having someone who is not satisfied and who is talking bad about your business with friends and relatives is never a good thing.

And lastly, like capitalism is teaching us in the last couple of centuries at least, marginal profits ARE the most important thing in a business.


But again...we are here talking about the basics of entrepreneurship,  I don't think anet ignore it, as I said:

They are just AFK like their pvp players, and they deserve them.


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