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Thiefs have been nerfed all to hell FIX IT ANET PLEASW!


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Yes i want to have fun playing gw2 wvw and but i cant because i keep getting spanked with everything i try to do in wvw not enough stealth not enough damage please fix thiefs because they need some love please fix thiefs anet why not have stealth be perma stealth like world of warcraft i mean it works well in wow why not if your going to nerf us all to hell atleast give us permastealth!. thanks.

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This is so true.   I played a notorious thief scout for [GoF] on Blackgate season one and two.  I brought my thief into WvW the other day... she's nutted.  Whole freaking areas of the map where I cant stealth...wtf!?  Not enough initiative to do anything thief like at all.  Still just as squishy.  USELESS.  Deadeye is just their to calm all the backstab thief's of old with a low chance of a quick kill.  So many changes and they all have made my thief feel weak as a scout in wvw.  Why are these changes different in wvw vs pve???  I have a different amount of initiative (mana, ability power whatever you want to call it) in Pve and a HUGE amount less in WvW.  This makes any kind of "rotation" or muscle memory impossible to transfer over.  Such bad design.  Its like you hate WvW and want to take all the fun out of it.  WtF is reveal and why does it effect me??? I'm a freaking thief.   Oh, I agree. Thief is BROKEN in WvW and needs to be fixed.  Selfish, slippery, deadly ...thats what a thief should be.  Super high skill cap and luck...but slippery because 90% of the time, they fail and reveal themselves.

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anets balance team legit hates thief and has recently stated they wish they could just delete the class. Due to the class design itself the class feels underpowered to most of its players even when a build is op but to the long time players who are good with the class mechanics becomes a deadly unstoppable force. So anet continually nerfs the class into the ground until those players that are amazing at the class are around the average level players are on other classes.

 Secondly because how thief is designed any new players or players that won't put the effort into learning how to fight thieves get killed by their seemingly unfair mechanics and scream constantly to anet for nerfs, while other players easily bully thieves in 1v1 etc. Thief will never actually be a great spot for the future of gw2 due to its players constant nerf cries whether the class is op or not simply due to dying to a annoying class with annoying mechanics.

Lastly uve got a few top players that play thief at a lv 90% won't ever achieve and its these few chosen players that anet listens to regarding balance.....that is if they don't just randomly throw nerfs at the class like darts on a dart board.

Teefs op is all u hear yet in pvp it and mesmer are the two classes that if there 2x of those same classes on a team they will be asked if one will switch to a different class. If ur the only one on the team often ull get asked if u main thief and if u say no than to them its gg. Double up any other class, play any other class and u won't get these situations, or if u do its far far less.....but thief is op.

Thief is annoying to fight, always has been and always will be but that's different than being overpowered which is something a lot of players in the pvp community can't grasp, along with anet. Least thief is great and has lots of diversity in pve....oh wait.

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As a WvW scout, who trained other scouts,  I would tell them that every fight was a 50/50 chance as a thief and that's only if you do everything right, miss one move and your dead...the best tactic is to use your stealth and wits and leave so you can get your job done...scout.  This role no longer exists in WvW because of reveal, watchtowers, marked traps ect...its like they build a whole toolbox of weapons to screw with thieves.  Its in the zerg, on the zerg or nothing in WvW.  Not happy, bring my fun class back I'm tired of Firebrand being the only helpful class in WvW.

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On 10/19/2022 at 1:34 AM, Drae.3189 said:

Deadeye is just their to calm all the backstab thief's of old with a low chance of a quick kill.

Deadeye can win lots of fights through attrition because M7 + Shadow Arts let you go to town with Skirmisher's Shot for damage and Death's Retreat to counter melee gap closers, basically just spam those skills as much as you want. (BQoBK is likely better than M7 in SPvP, but in WvW we can simply have our cake and eat it too by taking M7 and a Celerity sigil to combine burst and sustained DPS.)

New Shadow Arts in particular makes fighting tankier builds more viable because your Silent Scope dodges will quickly give you more Initiative when you've "run dry" due to your opponent dodging or blocking too many shots.


On 10/19/2022 at 1:34 AM, Drae.3189 said:

So many changes and they all have made my thief feel weak as a scout in wvw. 

Stealth-stacking and Shadow Portal make thief the strongest defensive scout in WvW by far. You can spam up stealth to mask your Siege Disablers and then just port back inside your walls and do it again a minute later. Very reliably. This will buy you a lot more time to rally your team to come save the tower or keep.

Being a top-tier solo roaming class with the best disengage potential makes thief the best choice for more offensive scouting, as well.

(Defensive scouting is far more valuable than offensive scouting, usually. But you can be an "offensive scout" while basically just roaming, so it's considerably more fun most of the time.)


You're a scout? Get with the times: traps help you!! Every time one of your traps catches a zerg or small group moving through some choke, great, you're already halfway to saving an objective. That's immense defensive value for very little work.

And if you set them off while scouting into enemy territory all by yourself? You're doing your job, turning off the enemies' ability to see a larger group coming a few minutes later. A single dot on their map gives them very little information about where the rest of your team is, you can still 1v1 just fine while Marked (against anything other than an enemy Thief, pretty much), and between Warclaw and shadow steps you can easily juke a small group long enough for the Marked to wear off, if it's even still on you by the time they respond to their trap or sentry getting taken out at all.

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