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The Incy Wincy Spider in the Guild Hall

Sugar Min.5834

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Not 😄 Thank goodness only the webs, no spiders. Nothing is more appropriate than having spider webs in our Halls. Most GHs I know and visited are deserted. They need more love people.

Thank you ANet for the new decorations. I like them because I have uses for all 🙂

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6 minutes ago, MintyMin.2718 said:

You will have to click on the contact point which has a very small area window. Look closely and remember where they are when you place them. This is unlike other decorations where you can just click anywhere on the objects to remove them.

Ugh I have yet to find it, but thanks for your explanation.  That's dreadful.

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I forgot to mention that the Ephemeral Spider's Web is harder to remove because even if you mouseover spot on, the decoration won't be highlighted. So be careful! I really wish there is a undo button for decorating.

I littered a number of these spidey webs on a small area of my beetle racetrack and surprisingly they blended in very well 😀 I did the same for the newest decor from Four Winds. Although these decorations had no 'oh wow' factor but they are useful and that's good enough for me ❤️

Sorry I digress. Not farming Lab this year, so I have plenty of time for stories lol

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