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NA ranked is teleport stroke fest


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ngl it is kinda bitterly funny to see people suddenly okay with teleports upon getting them after years of arguing that thief ports were mechanically broken until they got nerfed and became torturous to use. 


Reminds me of that meme with the parrot attacking the cracker and realizing it's amazing, except the cracker's teleportation.

Can we un-kitten thief now? My sword/shortbow/staff/Daredevil/Shadowstep/Acro is rusty.

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6 hours ago, Hollow.5382 said:

Homogenization is giving every class teleports when it used to be limited to a select few.

Then why did OP suddenly made this a rant about Revenant, out of all teleports they started complaining about the one teleport with a resource cost on top of having a cast time. A class that has had that teleport since 2015 and that had its cooldown increased by +140% over a year ago.

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