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Final Proof that Catalyst is Overpowered & Everything Else Is Balanced


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Everything in WvW is balanced EXCEPT for CATALYST! I keep dying to these guys and it's not fair because I don't want to have to learn how to fight them! Waiting for them to attune out of fire and kiting them when they're in that attunement is TOO MUCH for me to do, I shouldn't have to think in a competitive video game. As we all know, everything else is perfectly balanced except for Catalyst! Unacceptable, nnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrffffffffffffffffF!! 😾!!!! WHy can't I just pew pew it easily like everything else??? or faceroll my keyboard to spam condi or one-shot build??? i play full cele a lot but when an ele does it, it is suddenly not ok anymore 😾! ele can't have the same nice things that I enjoy. eles must suffer. nerf warrior as well.

edit: I can't believe anyone actually thought this was serious but ok, you fooled me, jsyk this is a joke lmaooooo


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Let me quote very wise wvw players, "its not meant to be balanced for small scale".

And honestly, after moving to spvp conquest I'm having a way better time. Balance there also needs attention, but at least there are attempts to balance it and there are patches for it.

So why bother complaining about wvw "balance" when you can just stop playing it. Let the very wise wvw players compete for the most broken build, while they run around for hours without finding anyone to fight.

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I am very serious you guys and none of this is a joke. Catalyst only requires on average 2 skills to be pressed per minute, while my full cele harbinger requires about 50 keypresses a second just to play it at a competitive level. This is unacceptable, elementalist must be deleted from the game. Catalyst is letting elementalists be relevant again, this is not ok, only my favourite class is allowed to be relevant 😾!

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Honestly, you need to run uber cheese as Elementalist to have "some" possibility to win against some Soulbeasts, Willbenders and others, though it doesn't matter what you use, you won't touch teefs at all, maybe only super bad teefs, like the ones that can only hunt white mobs on borderlands, anything on equal footing is like KEK, gl with that.
I'm surprised you didn't include condi druid in that video of yours, same bs after all.
It's really disgusting how game that was almost balanced went to this state of garbage becuase of elite specializations and removing condi cap. Antitoxin is must-have at this point and doesn't matter how many condi cleanses you have, it'll never be enough.
Just do the same as me, log-in do dailies, kill some bags, drop rams as per protocol, then log-out, or don't play at all.

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wait wut they nurfing cata? what did i miss?
dd cata as an incredibly amount of tools to fight IF you know what you're up against and know all your combos/tools. you just cant spam keys and get away with it. its a wierd meta and currently cata has potential to kinda (not really) deal with everything in my experience and is definitely not in the high end of EZ CELE build. its the most fun class imo if played well, i think every cata/eles experiences 90% of the time roaming what solemn showcased up top.

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46 minutes ago, Bizgurk.5639 said:

Nice footage! I really enjoy watching you play rather unconventional builds.
I wish I could have seen your face at 2:30 when you tried to transmute Shocking Aura and spammed 3 for like 4 seconds...
That Berserkers CC spam is pretty obnoxious. Nerf Cata though!

Wich is part of the game balance snow ball.. play gimmick stats with gimmick build or GTFO reason game overalls is just a few handfull of stats.

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