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Internal Balance


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For once I find myself in full agreement with TeaPot

If a Utility Skills has to be used rotationally in order to get an effect then it's by definition no longer a Utility that can be used when needed it's rotational that must be used whenever it can. 

My thoughts on this are:

1. Any Spec should have a trigger associated with it that triggers the Spec's traits. For balance's sake this trigger should be reduced, like Engineer's Grenade Spec should have as a trigger that every third consecutive AA counts as an Explosion and thus trigger the Explosion traits. If this was implemented then the grenade could be removed from the Enginner Rifle. Utility Skills can still be used to get the full effect of those traits.

For Warrior this would, for example, mean that every complete AA-chain would trigger Peak Performance, if Specced for Strength, with a lower duration as balance dictates.

This would create a baseline where people could improve their performance incrimental degrees by weaving more and more Utility Slots into it.

This can better be explained by using graphs.

Graphs over performance models in GW2. Right now, it's pretty much as described in the "now" graph where you have a base perfiormance and a good performance and seldom anything in-between. What I desire, is that DPS becomes like in the "desired" graph where there's base performance, people can then 'improve' on the base performance, from that their performance can become 'average,' and from 'average' they can further increase their skill to 'good' and if they feel like going the distance they can train to have a 'best perfomance.' You want the latter as that actually creates an incentive to increase in performance by using principles described in the Zone of Proximal Development.

For further balance's sake only the first of the three specs a player can have should give this effect. There's precedence for this since only the third spec can be an Elite one.

2. If an Elite Spec has a certain trigger that creates another effect then that trigger should be affected by general weapon skills instead of from specific Utility Skills.

For example, a Specter should give Alac around itself from every third consecutive auto-attack instead of from Wells as that would allow Wells to be used as a Utility instead of a rotational use to maintain a specific effect where everything else the Well runs the real risk of being wasted. This would also make the Specter work better in an underwater environment since their Underwater 1 would be able to give Alac. There's already presendent for this as well since the Mechanist's mech Rocket Fist works on the use of 3 from any equipped weapon. So the code for this exist.

3. All planted things with a duration that gives something should have an active trigger effect similar to Engineer Turret Overload. An ability like that often has a proactive component and a reactive component and if it does the proactive component needs to happen when it's used while the reactive component needs to be a flip-over Skill that only becomes available after the proactive component has been used.

E. i. a a Warrior should be able to plant a Banner and when planted the Banner gives out it's pulsing effect and Quickness if traited for it, and then it had a 'Rally' effect that could only be used while the banner was down and had it's own cooldown that when used gave the other effects, like Super Speed, Stability, and similar.

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Pretty much  all specs are inflexible. The only expection I've found is Condi Virtuoso where the power curve follows a gradient, for everyone else it's pretty much a vertical line with a low base point and a high good point. And the power curve for Rifle Mechanist is essentially a horizontal line.

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