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WvW World Restructuring Beta 1 Veteran Achievement Issue

Rubi Bayer.8493

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15 hours ago, Chaba.5410 said:

Oh boy.  I didn't check that.  I did have the option to preview though.  BTW, WvW lvl 10.

It seems not (only) to be the WvW level. I boosted my alt account char with tomes to PvE level 80 and after that I got the use/preview option.


11 hours ago, BadHealer.3608 said:

There was an update. I did download it and log in and got the war machine chest right away.

But the Achievement is still 0/1.

Me too. But the achievement is completed now in my main account in the API, so I guess it's just a minor UI issue that remains.


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On 10/19/2022 at 7:12 PM, Rubi Bayer.8493 said:

Hi all, we are aware that the WvW World Restructuring Beta 1 Veteran achievement has not been tracking progress correctly. We have a fix ready and will get that to you today. After the fix, the achievement will start tracking progress correctly. The World Restructuring Beta event will still end at reset on October 21, but we are adding a week to the achievement window to ensure that you all have plenty of time to complete the achievement and earn a War Machine weapon skin. You now have until October 28 at 7:00 PM Pacific time to complete five capture or defend events for the achievement. Thank you for your patience.


So I'm just trying to get it right now but I don't get progress on the achievement? I'm guessing that date and time was only for NA server? Sad :(

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