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ANET, Know your playerbase

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ย These people login whenever they want, just take part in whatever content they get. They take it light chat in map chat. They know which pugmanders are decent, which players will push, which players will run away. They play accordingly.ย  Current system works fine for them. They are already in the servers that suit their playstyle and temperament. They don't have the time to record videos, show up on raid times. They don't qualify for being in a hard core alliance. They don't like alliances because of all the randoms that they don't know.


Almost correct haha. I really don't care who I play with tbh. If I see a familiar name I'm happy to greet them, but I seriously doubt they would remember me lol. I just head out to the commander icon and thats it. Serve them and leave. This might change the more I play maybe, so it could still be a correct view over time.

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17 hours ago, Krashan.4370 said:

This is fantastic post. I played GW1 when I was 30-ish so there are three things you can tell about me now: I'm not young, I don't do 200 APM, and I don't play for 8h a day. I actually think I play a lot for my "age group" like maybe 2-3h/d. I am also paying customer though, so ANET beware ๐Ÿ˜‰

Cursed this relentless time that continues to pass without ever stopping and always in one direction, there is no way to make it go back.

Unfortunately, it is one of the many laws that govern this universe, and no one can avoid it. I started with GW1 + O - at your own age, so we might as well be peers. What I can tell you is that it does not matter your date of birth what matters is still wanting to have fun, participate, test yourself, if you still have all this you may find that you are younger than many others here.

And as I have already written here, if when you are an adult and you have preserved that desire to play that you had as a child and you have the time to do it, it means that you have had a successful life.๐Ÿ˜‰

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