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"WvW World Restructuring Beta Veteran" -achievement still bugged for SOME people

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even after the hotfix that was supposed to fix the achievement, it is still bugged for SOME people.

so far this week, i captured 11 camps, defended 5 camps, captured 17 towers, defended 5 towers, captured 9 keeps and defended 3 keeps. I still got no progress or anything related to the achievement. 

at the same time, our guild's commander just tagged up for the first time this week, and he already finished his achievement and got the chest. 

It is STILL bugged, and it´s pretty inconsistent on who actually can progress, and who can't

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still broken for me as well... so much so I have lost all interest in playing wvw for the rest of the week.... Wvw has been hot garbage for me all week due to the beta.   I'm starting to think Anet is actively trying to ruin the game mode completely so they dont have to bother working on it anymore.   

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7 minutes ago, Kaliwenda.3428 said:

Thanks! Yeah, I did one yesterday and got credit for the daily but nothing for the WvW Beta Veteran.  Whatever the fix that worked for other people did, it hasn't worked for me.

If you got credit for WvW Daily Camp Capture, you've captured 2 camps.  The number on the WvW Beta Veteran achievement will remain at 0/1 and won't move until 5 are captured.  It's confusing.

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23 hours ago, TheQuickFox.3826 said:


Did you enter a WvW map AND complete the requirements earlier?

I'm almost certain I did but since the achieve doesn't actually show how many of the 5 objectives I've captured or defended, I can't be sure. 

Anyway, ran around the map for a few hours and finally got it after capturing "Golanta Clearing". 

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2 hours ago, Gabby.2547 said:

I'm not getting progress in the WvW World Restructuring Beta Veteran Achievement too.
is there a way to fix it?

It won't show progress because the design is to capture/defend 5 structures as 1 objective rather than capture/defend 1 structure 5 times.

Most achievements are not made this way.  Every once in awhile you come across some that are.  It's not common.  It can be confusing for sure.

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