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★[ViP]★ is players that loves to help other players! ★[ViP]★ is one of the largest , most active, 5 Guild PvX community in GW2!   We have daily "main" events right around reset, ran by devoted, fun loving folks for your entertainment and in game needs, from farms to hp trains, world boss trains, many useful pertinent activities to help you gear up, level up, and enjoy the game.   ★[ViP]★ believes in a toxic-free, elitist-free, fair play environment.  We are here to help, teach and promote the positive Guild Wars experience that so many love and enjoy.   Our WvW efforts are concentrated on Dragonbrand , we tag over 9 hours a day and have a run that should accommodate most schedules, in the same spirit as all of our events.  ★[ViP]★instance control unit has raids that offer static, advanced, and beginners training groups that run at all sorts of times, as well as dungeons, fractals, dragon response missions and strikes to help you get that neglected content done. ★[ViP]★ would love for you to call our community home.   Please mail me in game or message me here on the forums if interested. I ❤️ ★[ViP]★!

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