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EU somewhat stable player looking for a social guild.

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Since my old guild has gone dormant, I'm in need of a new one.

I am not interested in PvP or WvW at all (Still haven't grinded warclaw because I get so bored with wvw), I am also not someone who can tie in to a schedule but will happily join guild events/strikes/raids w/e basically if I have the time to do so. My work hours are chaotic so I'm either on a lot or very little and sometimes not for a few days.


I am very friendly, open and happy to help however I can, but I am also very honest and will call peoples bs out if I hear it and expect the same of people talking to me.


If I haven't made myself out to be a completely horrible person and you think I'd fit in with your guild, either get in touch with me through gw2 or discord: BonkersZ#0756 (Not that active on forums, so unlikely I'll see replies here.)


Oh, I'm also 29 and really looking for a mature guild with a good and healthy dose of humor.

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