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Why is using griffon during springer race allowed?

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1 hour ago, Mungo Zen.9364 said:

Unless I’m mistaken there are no races that require you to place in a specific rank.

There are, like in Grothmar Valley, but since it's unlikely that every single you time you race there will be someone on a faster mount zooming past you, it's not really an issue most people run into. Plus, once you have those achievements, placements no longer matter at all.

As for letting people use any mount, I agree that it's fine because the races are for personal challenge or for fun between friends as opposed to being a serious competition with actual benefits. For example: I take great pleasure in seeing how fast I can complete courses on slower or less effective mounts, and I've always enjoyed testing my mobility in GW2. I also occasionally use races to settle stupid disputes between friends like deciding who has to buy the next pizza, and the hilarity of doing this on Turtles only adds to the fun.

Sorry, OP, but this request just seems like it would remove something fun and not replace it with anything beneficial.

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The concept of having rules is to give everyone an equal chance. If you participate in a bike-race with a motorbike, you are disqualified. If you do that in GW2, you are the champion of the course.

When a race is implemented, the developers are totally aware of the fastest possible time. Maybe add a little buffer, due to extremely dedicated players. They can make that as a secret border. Whoever crosses that border gets a note/tooltip: Probably achieved by using different methods.

In my opinion they can keep their scores. But the note would be helpful for all players who do the races the intended way.

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Doing many of the existing races on griffon instead of the intended mount is not only generally not easier, but requires a lot more skill. Griffon's advantage lies in the superspeed, but that is not easy to achieve on a flat race. And if you use griffon to just hop about, "jumping" over obstacles, well, then springer is faster.

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I tried the skyscale in the halloween bunny hop race (where you are supposed to use the springer).  while it works, it was slower and more frustrating, and the skyscale would cling onto various surfaces.

There are some races where the choice of mount is up to the player, or even going between a few different mounts during the race is the fastest method.  I like that they leave it up the players to figure out what works for them.


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