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What happened to Anets post about same language servers not being linked


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I clearly remember Anets post about same language servers not being linked, otherwise I think that leans towards favoritism and can be very one sided. When I look at the servers currently linked, it seems that this is still happening, and currently, we are fighting 2 servers that are same language, and the other 2 has one of their links the same language. What does this mean? It means we farmed one side of our map by one server and the other side by the other server. Please Anet, think about this, its causing much frustration, as my current Server is the main, and nowhere in Gods great earth, can we be a main with such a small population, but the linked servers have zone blobs 24/7. Please can you remove the extensions once and for all, EU, FR, DE, SP, and have a fair linking system before you lose more and more fedup players, this is critical, and once removed, there is no association, just fairly placed and linked Servers with NO designation. FYI, my guild consists of multiple representation from at least 10 different languages and countries, and it works just fine.

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Linking system is faulty in itself:


  1. The less you play during dead hours, the more players you will get during active hours (Means any pug/PvE population on your server is detrimentary and all strong groups will only play few certain hours a day)
  2. Matchmaking for each linking to have same populations doesn't work since any transfers or inactive players will skew the system
  3. Transfer costs varying between main and link server actually incentivises transfers. Transferring from 1 server to another always leads to population advantage
  4. The matchups are very imbalanced first 3 weeks of linking. This is unacceptable considering linkings only last 2 months.
  5. Getting more score -> Getting less players and higher transfer cost. Sometimes even full unlinked status and dead 2 months. Obviously this means that playing for score is bad and WvW is just open field fiesta.
  6. Playerbase varying massively every 2 months will inevitable lead to similar timezone commanders overlapping and typically lead to one of them quitting the game for good thus less organised activity in WvW overall.

What you should be asking is abolishment of linking system rather than "good links".

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