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Cannot log in - stuck at loading screen [Merged]

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Just now, Count The Medals.4738 said:

I am having the same issue, I logged in earlier, went from Hoelbrak to Echovald,  tried to change mounts and couldn't, relogged thinking that would solve the problem, but now have just been unable to connect.

I had the same issue -- I couldn't switch maps so I went to switch characters instead. Now I'm totally out and can't get back in on any toons. Ah well, guess I was overdue e for a coffee break anyway -- time to get up and stretch 🙂

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Just now, Vile.4387 said:

I hope my CC information is safe.

   I do as well. Checking my Email's again, I just noticed that I got one from GW2 support saying:

"To reset your password for #####, enter your Email address and we'll send you an Email with instructions."

   So now my Peter-Tingle Senses are tingling now; maybe the game (North America side) got hacked? I don't know...


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Stuff seems to be coming back up now. 

edit: Looks like it rolled back about 2 minutes or so.  To clarify, character position got rolled back, but looks like other stuff didn't.  I was in the process of mining a node and that's still empty but my character is back where he was a couple minutes before. 

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It won't be maintenance because the game doesn't go offline for maintenance, they do it with the servers still running.

It seems like a connection problem, which means it will hopefully be over quickly. I think the longest it was down was something like 3-4 hours, but that started in the middle of the night for Anet so it probably took a while for them to even discover the problem.

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