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Let's discuss mounts and their effect on a weaver's attunements...

Robert Calais.8425

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I'm sure anyone who plays a weaver these days already knows exactly what I'm about to bring up.


Using mounts randomizes a weaver's selected attunements.


And it's not like this is a newly-occuring issue. According to some reports of people I've talked to about the issue, this has been the case ever since Path of Fire launched.

And it's pissing me off, because it makes the profession practically unplayable... unless you're a fan of Maulevekian Roulette (in-universe joke).

There's no definitive solution to this that's available to players, at least none that I'm aware of and the issue can be replicated by virtually anyone with access to the weaver elite specialization and any mount that can be dismounted from mid-air (or, to be more precise, without any form of solid ground directly beneath you as you're dismounting by whatever means).


While I probably shouldn't, I'm hoping that someone somewhere at ArenaNet will read this, realize just how incredibly game-breaking the issue is and find a way to fix it.

If anyone knows a solution, please do tell me.


"Elementalist - Multifaceted spellcasters who command primal forces" ...as long as they travel by foot.

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It's pretty annoying and definitely pathetic that ANet not only creates so many bugs, but is so lazy about fixing them.  I'd categorize this one as more annoying than game-breaking.  If you want game-breaking, the fact that story instances randomly disconnect players so they lose all progress when that almost never happens in any other type of instance is a good example.

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Thats another bug to add to the ele list :

-hammer 3 skills collides to something with aegis or invu. -> dissapears.

-hammer 4 skill in air , special skill to explore the underground not finished world. (aka the wall bypasser)

-evasive arcana not procing on fire attunement

-soothing water efficiency lowering down the most it stays active in water (maybe fixed now , i dunno)

-dismounts 2x attune bugs on weaver.


Ele is really not like wine , it dont taste good the older it is . It need a good shower to clean all the rot and mold he has on it .

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4 hours ago, TrollingDemigod.3041 said:

What do you mean by "randomizes"? You mean the double attument bug with "3" being mixed between two attuments before mounting?

  No, I mean any possible combination of the selected elements.

4 hours ago, TrollingDemigod.3041 said:

It usually happens when you mount-up pretty much instantly after switching attuments and being on mount for atleast 1s+.

I've never done that before. Not even once.

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Forgive my cynicism but it's never, ever going to be fixed.

Quote me on that 5 years from now. It has been here since PoF release.

Anet can't even fix evasive arcana which is a small but still very significant loss to DPS and cover-condi for those who use this trait. It's been glitched since August (or earlier)

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