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New players and Ranked PvP - Thoughts?


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Wasn't the ranking this way way way back, when the seasons were longer and people started grinding up from silver or bronze something( or was it gem thing)  while the last season people somewhat kept their rating or had higher starting point. 
Currently I think people start at 1200 and the fist 5 games give like +-100 +-70 +- 60 and all the volatility causes even more volatility till everyone has played like 50 games(not gona happen) which ends up in a really weird pool of what is average since the skill level is really all over the place in gold.

The PVP bleeding out might have started with the shorter seasons and the whole rating system rework from back then with the starting lines.

I think you are correct that the starting line could potentially stem some of the churn of new players, but it will need way more effort to make people play PVP.

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