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[EU][PVX][21+] Desert Fathers Legacy is looking for brave souls.

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This guild is for people that enjoy the travel moreso than the destination, the process moreso that the result. This is for those that like to take it slow, the kind of people that read quest texts and sit through the NPC dialog cutscenes.

This guild is for the working adult, the family man, or woman. This is a community of likeminded people, whose main focus is to relax and enjoy Tyria with internet friends. We foster a warm and friendly atmosphere, a spirit of camaraderie.

Newbies, veterans and anything in between, are all very welcome, as long as you're a generally nice person to be around. A basic ability to speak and understand English is required and the use of voice on Discord during group activities is strongly advised, yet not enforced.

We do not enjoy, nor do we tolerate (excessive) swearing and cussing, toilet humour, pornography, paedophilia and gratuitous and/or overtly sexual topics and behaviours.

While growing this guild we will be doing whatever everyone is up to, making it a point out of not rushing content. Anything we do, we do for the fun of it, but eventually this guild will strive to focus on WvW and PVP in general.

I'm Radu, I'm 40 and I'm Romanian. I started playing during the second closed beta, in early 2012, I played all the subsequent betas and pretty consistently from launch until 2014 when I stopped playing altogether. Until now.

Join our discord and let's play.

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