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Ultra shadows, Ultra fps drops

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hello, so ive noticed that when shadows are set to ultra and right clicking with the mouse to move the camera i get upto 100 fps dropped. standing still i get 150+ fps and left click looking i  only see about a 5-15 fps drop, i do use reshade but it still happens with it uninstalled. hoping someone has a fix or if its just an amd problem 🙂 (sorry if this is hard to read im not the best with words)


pc specs:

radeon 6800xt

ryzen 5800x3d

32gbs 3600mhz

WD Black sn770

(think thats all that matters)

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On 11/3/2022 at 4:42 PM, Dawdler.8521 said:

Shadows have always been the worst performance loss after model count. Put it to low (blob shadows) and dont look back.

i would but i like the look of the shadows, just an irritating thing i hope they look into lmao

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