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Compilation of warrior skills that have no real use in any gamemode (apart from memeing)


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So, Roy said that he want all skills having a good use for at least 1 of all 3 gamemodes, so, there's a list, i hope you guys help me with this, wrong things, or something else to add.


Utility skills:

Spellbreaker: Natural Healing, Sight beyond Sight, Imminent Threat.

Bladesworn: Electric Fence (this one seems pretty strong for WvW zergs, but it's like a bait, bladesworn is just not worth for zergs, just play Berserker or Spellbreaker).

Core: Kick, Throw Bolas, Fear Me, Dolyak Signet, Signet of Stamina (Signet of Stamina is pretty good by itself, but it's on warrior, kinda like Arms, have some good traits, but they're on Arms)


Rifle, Sword (offhand), Mace (offhand), Dagger (offhand, i know, it's not that bad and have some use for open world and some "exotic" WvW roam build, but yeah... something feels wrong with this weapon, it's literally a filler weapon, needs more polish)


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Fear me with long cooldown as a shout / counter intuitive for those that use melee weapons to attack those that they fear without it reducing the feared individuals movement speed.  Rampage with most of the skills hitting for only 15 damage and the duration only being long enough to do one rotation before being on a long cooldown.

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The one use I have for Sight Beyond Sight, was pulling out the infinite stealth deadeye for my guildmates to just blow them up, that's the only situational use I've had for it but beyond that that skill is really bad and not worth a utility slot other than to bully crutch perma stealth users being annoying.

Kick is used for DPS spb in PVE to upkeep Attacker's Insight and Peak Performance damage buff. 

Signet of Rage - Is actually useful for select WvW builds where adrenaline becomes a actual issue when you forgo discipline. Also Stance Spb has been a new joy for me, SoR definitely has become somewhat of a staple for it since the cast time got lowered. 

Mace offhand - Roaming wise it's actually the better off hand dagger, it has CC, might stacking, vuln stacking and strong damage and rewards you with double might and vuln application if the target is CC'd, did I mention it hits 3 targets as well? Axe power Berserker in PVE despite its poor state atm uses offhand mace on weapon swap for Breakbar  when needed. 

For the most part though all of these are pretty right. 


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