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Thrill of the Crime should trigger on both modes of Siphon


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It makes no sense that using your "steal" on an ally shouldn't grant the boons and basically prevents specter from passively triggering Thrill of the Crime like other specs or even baseline thief can.

Pls fx

bonus post-edit topic: Bountiful Theft also shouldn't require an enemy to give the Vigor from stealing

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17 hours ago, nopoet.2960 said:

Ally siphon has a shorter cool down.  I bet not triggering bountiful theft is intentional and not broken.

Reduce the boon duration on ally target siphon depending on steal cooldown. This has been requested basically day 1 in Specter feedback thread. 

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This goes for many steal traits which become useless with being used on an ally. There would bei imho so many possibilities to make use of these traits to grant boons to allies you siphon from or cleanse conditions, but instead they are just useless when used with Ally Siphon.


And this fact confuses me, because the balance team clearly stated in their Balance philosophy that they want to Cut out obvious useless / bad choices in the traits and skills. But nearly all steal traits are a useless choice of you Plan to use Siphon on allies.

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I dunno, it feels kinda fair to me that you have to choose between using the skill as a group buff or a single target res, but not both at the same time. I'd sooner they remove the -3 initiative tradeoff from specter, allowing me to run both deadly arts and shadow arts meaning I can support/heal or do single target damage with one build. Doing that would mean I can't take bountiful theft or thrill of the crime anyways which means the issue resolves itself. 

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  • Venport.3925 changed the title to Thrill of the Crime should trigger on both modes of Siphon

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