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Suddenly locked on 30 FPS

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I considered asking on the forums before submitting a ticket, I normally get 50-60 fps, I lock it to 60 because I don't need more than that and I am playing on a laptop so I'm trying to be conservative, I don't know what happened but I was playing the game and getting normal 50-60 FPS on my customized graphics settings, a friend asked me to join them on discord, when I joined the call, moments after the game just drops to lower than 20 FPS, here's what I tried in order to fix this:

- is it the map? Changed maps and characters, same.

- was the game not using High Performance NVIDIA Graphics Card and using the Integrated Intel one instead? Nope it was using NVIDIA's 

- was there something wrong with the nvidia settings? I haven't changed it since i optomized it a long time ago, Vsync is off, Tripple buffering is off (tell me what else I should check if any ideas)

- was it Discord? Turned off its hardware acceleration feature, even turned it off completely, still not fixed. 

- was it the GPU driver? Updated it, still not fixed.

- restarted the game and the laptop, did not fix.

- tried other games, the fps is normal, except other online games like League of Legends, it suffered the same problem during gameplay the fps drops significantly.

- i play windowed mode for TACO, have not faced anything like this before, league of legends on fullscreen had some drops as well, I might try fullscreen on GW2 but I don't think that's the problem.

- monitor refresh rate is 60hz, not the cause obviously.

I'm thinking of client repair or checking nvidia settings again, heard the power plans could have such an effect, but as I said, I haven't touched the settings and it happened suddenly while I was playing, I played many times while using Discord and that never happened.

I really hope it's not a hardware issue, Im getting a feeling the pc is beginning to slow down a bit, if it is then I will probably reset the pc, I might submit a ticket about this, but please let me know if there are any ideas or someone has encountered this before and could give me some pointers.

Thanks and regards










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