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New Rev player-Is what I’m seeing a bug or normal behaviour?


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Hello Rev community, I’m new to playing the class and have been trying out the support vindicator build in WvW. I normally run scrapper so I am not new to the support role, just the vindi class.

 I’ve noticed on multiple occasions that the personal heal skill in alliance will, on activation, start to flash but then not stop. It won’t go on cooldown and won’t actually finish the activation and use the fill it just dies there flashing away. If I swap legends then come back to alliance it will then behave normally (well it stops flashing anyway).

 The second is tree song. I am running mono tunes and do when this skill is behaving normally it will activate the runes. What I am seeing though is that sometimes this does not happen. Indeed it Is as If the skill just doesn’t work at all. There is a long skill delay (imagine playing with very high ping, that kinda “feel”) and then…nothing?? No cleanse, no rune activation just…nothing. The skill goes into cooldown as usual but it’s as if I fired a blank so to speak. It seems that this happens more often when in bigger fights and there are a lot more skills being activated by both myself and those around me, but I couldn’t say for one hundred percent if this is the case.


So is this a known thing or an I going crazy?! 

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