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Champs in Mad King's Labyrinth


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Over the last few days, I've been seeing more and more Champs roaming around in the labyrinth, killing any player who doesn't see them in time or is otherwise unable to escape. It could be that new players are opening the purple doors without knowing that they will release a champ that they can't handle - or it may be some players deliberately doing it because they get some sort of perverse pleasure from it.

I suspect that it's a little of both, but the fact that it seems to be happening more and more makes me think it's deliberate most of the time. I can't understand why people do this. I can only guess it's the same sort of people who think it's funny and/or clever to put a Box O Fun right on top of a Banker. Somehow, annoying, inconveniencing and otherwise spoiling the game for others seems to amuse them.

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FWIW, most of the champs don't roam.

The only one that does wander around the labyrinth in this way is the Labyrinthine Horror, which doesn't appear from a door - instead, it appears when someone gets too close to one of the "booby trapped" red areas, so spawning it may be unintentional (perhaps by not noticing the red glow or perhaps by not knowing its significance)

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It wouldn't surprise me if it's all people who don't know how the doors work. There's a lot of new players over the last year or so who may not have been to the Labyrinth before and I've seen several people in-game either claiming what comes out the doors is random or asking if there's a pattern. Until you've done it enough to know which door spawns which type of enemy it's easy to get it wrong.

If someone wanted to be a troll they'd be better off going into a map with a squad and opening the green doors when the squad isn't there.

But also as other people have said the 4 who spawn in corners don't roam, they stay in the area where they spawn. (I think it is possible to pull them into the corridors, but you have to go out of your way to do that.) It's only the Horror who roams around the whole Lab.

There's enough copies of the Lab being created at most times that if the champions have spawned and they're a problem you can just log out and back in (you'll stay in the Lab) to get into a different copy of the map.

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