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necro dagger main hand


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what, i run pistol wh, i kittening hate harb the only reason why i like harb is the mobility and rupt throughput


dagger mainhand isnt something that harb would take bc harb can just enter shroud on a whim and doesnt need the immob bc the harb can just catch up to the target

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9 hours ago, Nihil.9817 said:

bro what is so confusing about the kitten im saying whoever reacted to this kitten your an idiot

People like to abuse the "confused" Emoji. They believe that it express their disapproval while on the receiving end you have the right to believe that they got reading comprehension issue.

As for dagger main hand, if you play the right way by building barrier through blood bank before being hit (which can be a counter intuitive way to play) it's actually a pretty decent weapon in competitive modes. Otherwise, it can indeed be a disappointing experience as it's usefulness feel poor despite the fact that the flow of the AA feel good.

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no i know, im just reminding them that they lizard brain redditors, and bloodbank is niche, martyr and transfusion are better and have multiple things they can do, blood bank has 1 thing and it does that 1 thing poorly, the utility on dagger relies on the just 1 skill, thieves have utility with dagger, rangers get a leap but the damage on power isnt comparable , but the scaling isnt the worst like thiefs, necro dagger seems like its good on paper bc the numbers but you remember necro is light armor doesnt have evade/block, the shroud building part isnt what makes it good bc you can get that from staff and more, like yeah if u stood auto attacking a thief you would probably win with bm, but given they can do other things and can just stealth interupt your 2 skill, dance around you as long as you dont shroud 5 them, necro dagger doesnt provide enough to warrant taking

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