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When is it acceptable to afk?


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I think it depends. Officially most people probably would say: Never. Then again ... if you strictly applied the rules you could say ... always - since it is not forbidden. At least a lot are not really afk but are just stopping to play ... while still at the keyboard. Which is allowed. This is just a way to surrender when you do not have a surrender button.

From the wiki discusson to rank farming:


That one is called "playing oddly" - and was allowed. (Nowadays not really important since that glory rank is not important anymore.)

And the rule for match manipulation or leeching only applies - imo - when you want to get a win without doing anything (leeching) or when you talked to others to let them win on purpose (then getting something form then). Surrendering and just staying at the spawn to make the team lose faster ... is just also "oddly" ... a way to surrender like this cause there is no surrender button.

Morally ... I'd say: Dedice at your own judgement. There are matches that can be won after first being lower in points by 100-200. Especially if that happens at the start and players just adjust to each other and the enemy team. Changing tactics. Or if someone seems disconnected (might have had a crash and join later) ... then still possible to win. If the enemy always seems a step ahead and stronger and the team not adapting ... then ... just let the enemy win faster and try for another match.

There sometimes are just those situations where you always are lagging behind - if nobodvy intercepts the enemy thieves while also not capping/decapping their far. (You are always 0 vs. 1 in capture points with mid contested.) Even if getting some kills ... and recapping quickly ... you lag behind and it can be clear that the team is losing even though you might be able to keep th difference at around 50-100 in points. When it is 300 vs. 400 - why not surrender then?. Exception are maps with mechanics that can turn it around a lot. Like Temple. Cap 3 nodes and get top buff at 8:30 while the enemy goes down and you can contest down (and nobody of them moves back to cap the nodes) ... can get a huuuuge gain of points.

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When you already start 4v5, but even then i always play those 90 secs in case the other player crashed and is trying to comeback


I think all other situations ara bannable, still some games feel hopeless, like dying for the first time and 200 pnts behind is prolly a lost game already.


Sometimes I'm 200 pnts behind but i see the team is trying to find the right matchups and i keep playing, sometimes ny team just throwing their bodies 1vX and insta die then i feel it's gg next

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Never - never is the only appropiate answer here. And my reason behind that: At least 99% of the community, does not know the game enough, and does not know the outcome (without a shadow of doubt) to be able to assess when an AFK is appropiate. 


I have won 4v5's. I have come back from 200 point deficit's. 


Simply put, the majority of the comunity gives up too quick. And throws the match for no apparent reason. 


I'm 100% willing to admit there are likely scenarios where, simply AFK;ing to get to the next match is more ideal. But....at least 99% of the community, is incapable of assessing that. And as such, should NEVER be AFK'ing....

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Simply put, when you are on the losing side of a game that is so hopelessly sh** awful lopsided that your time would be better spent heading to the kitchen to make a sandwich, refill your coffee, let your dog outside, ect ect. This can happen due to a super bad split like RED stacked low golds & silvers vs. BLUE all identified p1 p2 players, or sometimes when a player or two on your team are clearly throwing the game on purpose.

Likewise, or when you are on the winning side of a suspiciously easy match that is so ridiculously lopsided that your team is already winning 200 to 0 and again, your time would be better spent swapping the laundry from the washer into the dryer, ect ect. In this case it is safe to AFK. P2+ teams do this often in ATs against all welcome groups.

The decision to AFK isn't just about "can I win the match or not?" I don't think most people want to AFK if the match is at least engaging and fun. For example: A player could be losing 300 to 400 but if the match is providing breathing room to be able to move around and engage combats that aren't super lopsided, where the player feels like they are trying hard and improving while learning from that losing experience, they want to keep playing. It ultimately has less to do with winning or losing and more to do with if they are having fun or not. However, if a player is losing 0 to 150 and they can clearly see that their team is just not doing anything at all for whatever reason that is, there is nothing engaging about this. The match is so lopsided that each time they walk out of the spawn they're instantly blown up in 2s from a +3 and there is no breathing room to even practice or improve in that match. <- This type of situation is when people definitely start AFKing. And it isn't rage-quitting but rather a mind frame of: "Ok I want this to end as quickly as possible so I can load into a new match that is actually engaging and fun to play."

Regardless, all of this ^ is happening way way too frequently lately, and it is primarily happening for the reasons I described. Arenanet needs to update the algorithm for low population queues or possibly devise a different game mode designed for low population.

This problem with AFKing will continue to get worse, and it is because of mobility creep brought in from EOD that made chase power double what disengage offers which results in people being locked into spawn camps which makes them want to AFK, along with an algorithm that does not work with low population which makes for generally lopsided matches that result in spawn camps which makes people want to AFK, right alongside of a lot of unchecked match manipulation which not only makes people want to AFK but it also makes them the leave the game permanently.

If Arenanet cares at all, they need to be taking action on these things very very soon or there isn't going to be a pvp population left to care about.

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AFK is never a acceptable behavior.   You que up and wait for the game, thus committing  time before the game even starts so I don’t understand why someone decides to just afk other then trolling/dailies.   Take out daily “ranked” win and make it daily “unranked” win.   Problem solved.   Like mentioned before I will still play even when it’s hopeless.   It’sa competitive game mode, I would imagine people want to get better, well this is how you will get better.   Be that in fights, rotations, even positioning, and understanding comp.   You can still take away from the L.   The pve community just wants the validation of winning.   Anet hands too much in terms of op builds  that The pve’er think they are just going to run over everyone like they do against npc mobs.   Not even slightly the case, they get triggered that their auto spam skill 1 doesn’t do the trick anymore and just flat out quit.

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When you're put in a match with 3-4 new players and the other team has a premade of known players on the leaderboard. 

When you realize the entire match is going to be you frantically trying to gain caps while your team 4v1's someone off point or at home. 

When you recognize two of the names on each side, know they always queue together, frequent the ffa together, and know the outcome of the match is based on whatever arrangement they have decided. 

When, despite having a 100-200 point lead, people suddenly decide to start ignoring caps. 

When you don't feel like spending the entire match trying to bait people in 2v1 or 3v1's just to give your team a fighting chance at gaining a single point. 

When you have a group that just doesn't work well together and everyone is off doing their own thing. This is fine when the matches are skewed and you have way higher level people on your team because then you all just stomp but if you have a bunch of lower peeps or newbies everyone running off doing something different just leads to spawn camping.

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lol the best is when they try and call you out for the L after giving up.   Even tho as a single target dmg i end up doing over 30% of team dmg and get offensive and defensive stats while they are playing necro or engi.   Bruh do you even play the game while you’re playing?

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