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[NA] Necro mian looking for new raid static

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My prior static raid group seems to have unexpectedly imploded.  Discord gone from my list, guild gone from guild panel, and the other members I have contact with report the same thing.


So, I guess I'm looking for a new group.  I have kills on every raid boss (albeit not CMs for Dhuum, Qadim (1 or 2), Samurog, or Deimos), have Coalesence and a set of legendary raid armor, so I won't need to learn the fights. In my last static, I was usually doing cannons for Sabetha and pylon kiting for Q2 and am happy to continue those.


My main weakness is that I really only have my Necro fully geared with more than one build available.  I am competent at all necro roles (power Reaper, quickharb, condi harb/scourge, even healscourge if desired), but I will have difficulties filling in a tank or alacrity role.


Happy raiding!

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