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Please bring back the old Rifle 5 Animation


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I agree on the animation looking silly.  I'd also want all of the airborne 'tuck and roll' jump animations to be changed too such as the jump platforms at Dragonstorm or Bouncing mushrooms.  Our characters should be readying themselves to land on their feet, like other leaping skills.  They should have just sped up the landing or/and reduced the jump height of the previous animation.

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I like the roll, it helps disguise a lot of unavoidable animation issues like how the old Rifle 5 would make you just kind of hover above the ground before it hits and the roll helps to sell the "impact" of the attack. You're not dealing damage by stomping the ground really hard, you're cannonballing everything in the area.

Though I might be biased because Charr feel a lot more natural going into this rolling pose to attack. It's reminiscent of a lot of other games where a lot of animal characters spin to attack (Red XIII, Sonic, Felicia, etc.)

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