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[NA] Fluffbutts [FUR] is a returning furry-focused guild open to any and all!


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Hello there!

Fluffbutts is an all-inclusive guild tailored towards furries, but anyone may join! We accept anyone from all walks of life (LGBTQ+ included!), and are completely open to new, returning, and veteran players alike! Our only requirement is that you help keep our guild a place where anyone can feel welcome by being respectful to everyone else in the guild.

Overall we are a casual guild, but we are looking to open up to every type of content the game has to offer. Below are the ways which we are working to open up to those types of content.

Open World

We currently do not host open world trains as we don't have the commanders available to do so, but if you have experience in hosting any type of open world content (world boss trains, HP trains, metas, etc.) and wish to help our guild host them, feel free to let me know.

We frequently run fractals up to tier 3 as most of our members can not do tier 4 yet. We do not have a set date/time which we run fractals, it's kinda spontaneous as of now, but if we were to get enough members who are interested then I would most certainly like to start forming groups to at least do the daily fractals every day. If you are interested in fractals and especially if you have experience with T4 and CMs, feel free to join so we can strengthen that area of our guild.

In terms of raids, we currently do not do them at all. Few members of the guild know how to raid, including myself, so raid leaders who are well versed in raiding and can teach the mechanics without much issue would certainly be welcome. This also extends to strikes as well.

I personally love WvW but we don't have many dedicated WvW players in the guild at the moment. I would like to eventually command WvW but that won't be for a very long time. If you are interested in joining me in the mists though, I am on Anvil Rock.

We do not have dedicated PvPers in our guild yet, but I personally would like to get a taste of tournaments eventually. There are definitely people in the guild who do PvP on occasion though. If you are looking to PvP I'm sure there would be people who wouldn't mind joining you from our guild.

I think that covers the state of our guild at the moment. We've been inactive for nearly a year and we're looking to rebuild and start jumping back into all the content the game has to offer. By no means will you be forced into doing any of the above content if you do not wish to do so, I just wish to have the option to do any type of content available to all of our guild members eventually.

How to join:
The best way would be to join our Discord server and message me there directly. If you can not do that, however, you may send me mail in game at Draxylnn.1295. I would advise against PMing me on this forum because I rarely check here.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me using an above method.

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