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Supply Dolyaks Bugged

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Confirm. No credit for daily when killing dolyaks anymore. SPAGHETTI!

First I killed multiple dolyaks while capturing camps and got no credit and then I found one on the road which just got away from one of  our Sentinels at around 75% health. This dolyak was immune to damage and could not be killed at all. Sad times.

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Can also confirm no reward for taking out a WvW Dolyak, and spoke to several others who hadn't either.  Achievement continued to be shown on the tracker.  No progress in Achievements. 


You'd think after so many years of development ArenaNet could avoid such a simple bug, but no... It beggars believe that the Achievements module isn't self-contained and the inputs & outputs aren't constrained, controlled and verified.   😡

On EU sever.

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I think the bug is in the code of the map/supply caravans and not in the code of the daily achievment. Here is a screenshot:


I am on green team and killed two dolyaks of red team. The camp belongs to red team. The Dolyaks are lying dead on the ground. But in the display on the right side of the screen they still have full life bar and there seem also to be two (invisible) dolyaks of blue team with full life bar at the same spot.


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