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The Battle for Lion's Arch - Stuck at 1st misssion [Merged]

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As the title states, I am stuck at the 1st mission.

I enter the Marionette's arena with Taimi, killed the 1st two mobs and 1st two power regulators.
Nobody else is fighting on the other platforms and the status shows: Break the marionette's chains to disable it: 1/5
I cannot target anything else and all that is happening is the Marionette launching an attack in the middle of the platforms.


later edit: it seems all platforms but one have someone in them.
1st platform to the left of Marionette is empty.
2nd platform has Kasmeer.
3rd platform me and Taimi.
4th platform Braham.
5th platform Rox and Frostbite.


Given that no one is on the 1st platform to destroy the power regulator, the mission is stuck. I can see the swords on the 1st platform on minimap.

even later edit: retried the mission 3 times and noticed on the 1st platform there was Marjory. But, as soon as the 1st power regulator is destroyed, Marjory does not apear on the platform anymore, resulting in stuck progress.


Image showing the problem: https://ibb.co/yVNX5mq

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Started the latest episode of Living Story 1 - The Twisted Marionette and encounterd a bug. Playing solo and with a Renegade.

First "mini boss" fight is with a Champion Regulator Warden I. This enemy blocks attacks from the front. Ok, so this is going to be a little challenging with only one player but lets give it a go. It seemed to have a fair amount of HP and the tracking arrow from it towards my character was almost laser like in its focus, resulting in a lot of blocks. It took a bit of time but eventually I managed to kill it (bit more on this shortly).

Damaged the power regulator and then progressed to the second "mini boss" fight, the Champion Regulator Warden II. Fairly easy fight and it fell quite quickly compared to first encounter.

So I then attack the power regulator again and damaged it.

This is where I encountered a bug that stopped progression. Nothing moved forward.

Despite me having damaged my power regulator there were some orange crossed swords alongside another platform, indicating that the regulator on that platform hadn't been damaged. Problem was, the NPC who should have been on that platform - Marjorie was missing. I hadn't noticed this until this point. So no NPC and no damage done to the regulator resulted in a stall.

At this point I decided to quit the mission and ended up back in Lornar's pass to restart.

After speaking to Taimi I went up to the forcefield where you enter the Boss fight and decided to get a drink before starting the fight. I had been away about 2 minutes. On entering the boss fight Tamai had somehow managed to take out almost half of the Champion Regulator Warden I's health on her own, this is despite on the first go doing very little damage. It just seemed very odd that in my first fight this enemy was quite tough and yet on the second fight without me being present an NPC had reduced it to 50 health!

Something definately odd going on with the instance and in any event the bug that I encountered stops progression.

Can someone at Anet take a look and actually, dare I say it, playtest this stuff? A bug report was sent from my account in game for their info.

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Hello and thank you for posting this,

I too have experienced a bug when doing latest episode of Living Story 1 - The Twisted Marionette.

For me I was able to get to Kasmer after progressing to the third I believe "mini boss" fight, who just seemed to stand there, with the boss slumped on the floor but activated in red, no animations with either of them.




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Same issue here. Got the first chain down because I'm on that platform. The one on Kasmeer she kills the first warden but then the second one is just, sleeping?  I can target it and Kasmeer doesnt move and neither does the warden.

EDIT: Restarting the quest several times finally worked. 

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