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RP Ideas and improvements

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Hello everyone!

As someone who truly loves roleplaying and creating a story for my characters, I find it really sad to see how little GW2 offers in terms of RP community and RP in general.
First of, with the Mega Server thing it's -very- hard to find RP out in the world. I am a 'roamer' so to speak and I love approaching RPs if I see them going on, but lately that's not a thing, or ... well...rarely a thing.
I feel Roleplay makes the world feel very alive, as you see people moving around and giving Tyria a breath of life. 
Now then! I had a few ideas (not sure if anyone else posted those, if yes I apologize for any duplicate posts).

Character sheet:
Similar to what Total Roleplay 3 Addon in WoW offers, imagine if ANet implemented a more detailed character sheet where we have control over our character's history, age, description (not tied to in-game story that we currently have), character theme (used from a variety of GW2 tunes), IC and OOC information that we want to put as in: 
IC - "Seeking for treasure."
OOC - "Approachable, attackable, muggable etc"
Trinkets that our character could carry, items of interest, gems etc. 
All that with ability for other players to be able to view that in-game and gain more insight into your character. 

Taking this from FF14 and ESO, I thought it would be great if we could change our character's posture. Sometimes I get tired looking at the Charr constantly swish their tails and look hunched, or male humans standing in that generic posture with blergh idle animations. Imagine being able to change the posture by either affecting it from the Hero panel, or by typing /posture1 etc.
Postures could essentially affect running animation too, example being for Charr - not running on all fours.

Roleplay Tag:
This in particular would be a neat feature to add. You could opt in and opt out of it depending on what you'd like to do, like IC/OOC status. Wearing RP tag could put you in a special phase of the server where all RPers would be, so anyone who wants to RP would be there without affecting others and vice versa.

Anyone else have any ideas to add?

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Something you're hinting at exists, and there are users for it as well!

WARP is what you're looking for. 

It's generally very stable, and it being a work in progress means things will only get better along the line.

You may find there's a link to the discord on the linked website.


Hope this helps!

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