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[NA] [Isle of Janthir] Relatively New Player Looking for Casual WvW Guild


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I'm currently maining a Guardian with a WvW Zerg build and WvW Roaming build (some gear could use upgrading). I also like the idea of running a Necromancer with minions based on personal preference. I'm just curious if there are any casual WvW guilds out there that don't require my first born (or second) [I don't have children so really can't do it] or an oath of fealty to join.

Thinking it would be nice to have a guild that runs scheduled WvW events so that the power of the zerg/guild can be felt by our enemies.

I'm in a couple of other guilds, but one isn't doing WvW on a guild level and the other is tiny and just made up of a couple of friends.

Thanks for your time!

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